When The Sun Meets the Moon

seeing you again

the sun meets the moon at last

say hi and then bye


Papa and Mama

sit together, side by side

with me in between


deep in our souls

we are all capable of

seeking real wisdom

The Divergent

I am everything

courage, wisdom, compassion

I’m a divergent


when the moon is up

branches tapping on the glass

trees’ shadows dancing

Taking the Leap

leave the past behind

take a deep breath and step out

into the future


all the loud laughter

mumbling and whispering

it’s all about me

Whispers of a Geisha

Behind the white mask

Tears and sorrows lie within

Hidden with a smile


together we stand

trying to look like real trees

reaching for the sky


away from the crowd

seeking solace in my world

through the magic door


silence from loose strings

the strings cannot be too tight

balance is the art

Tea Party

wearing your best hat

we shall have a crazy time

with teapot and cups

The Impossible

all hope is not lost

the family shall unite

there is miracle


now is not the time

a procrastinator’s dream

always tomorrow

Seize the Day

harvest from the past

creator of the future

live fully today

Les Miserables

red – angry men’s blood

black – dark ages of the past

french revolution


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